The Glenvista Community Policing Forum has urged residents to be on the lookout for a white Jeep Compass which has been used in two daylight robberies in one week.

Johannesburg - Resident of two Joburg south communities have been warned to be on the lookout for a “White Jeep gang” of brazen daylight robbers.

The latest incident took place at midday on Saturday, when the gang - made up of about five men - gained entry to a home on Mount Pellan Drive in Bassonia and fled with valuables.

They used a pickaxe to force the gate off its rail, said Glenvista Community Policing Forum (CPF) spokesman Bruce Lennox.

“It seems to be the start of a new gang. I fully believe we’re going to see them again in the next three weeks,” Lennox said.

The CPF first spotted the gang last Tuesday. They have been named the White Jeep gang because of the Jeep Compass they have used in both robberies.

In the first robbery the gang were more opportunistic, Lennox said, as they stole a new TV from a driveway during a delivery at a home on Ferox Drive in Glenvista in the morning.

It was unclear whether the men were armed, he added.

The CPF had been informed by police that the car’s registration plate is false.

It is in possession of CCTV footage from both incidents and the Jeep’s licence plate is either CB01DBGP or CD01DBGP.

The police spokesman for the area, Warrant Officer Gordon Billing, said he could not comment without the relevant case numbers, which the CPF could not supply at the time of publication.

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