09/11/2012. A member of the forensic team and a police office rcarry the body of a boy that was found lying next to the stones at the Transnet stone storage near Silverton. Picture: Oupa Mokoena

Pretoria - A construction worker walking home made a gruesome discovery when he came across a lifeless body of a boy in a veld in Silverton.

Elvis Mokoma said on Friday he was walking past the Transnet stone storage facility in Silverton on Thursday afternoon on his way to the Stormvoël Road when he came across the body of a boy wearing school uniform. A frightened Mokoma turned back and looked for an alternative route and went straight to his house.

“I turned back and started running in another direction. When I got home in East Lynn, I told people that I had seen a dead boy. I was very scared and did not even think about going to the police but [yesterday] morning I went to see a friend of mine and told him what I had seen. I couldn’t sleep at night as the image of the schoolboy lying lifelessly haunted me,” said Mokoma.

The pair went back to the place where Mokoma had seen the body and while they were there, they contacted police to inform them about it. Police arrived at the scene to find the boy, believed to be 12 years of age with his throat slit and lying behind a pile of concrete.

The boy, who was wearing a green T-shirt and long dark blue trousers. He wore dark blue socks and his face was covered with a blue school T-shirt full of blood. The fact that there was no blood where the body was found made police believe that the boy was killed elsewhere and dumped there.

A police spokeswoman said the boy had sustained numerous injuries on the upper body. “At this stage it appears he was killed somewhere else and his body dumped here. We do not have any further information as to who the child is or where he came from. We don’t have a missing person’s case at Silverton police station, but we’ll check with neighbouring stations,” she said.

“We appeal to families with missing children to come to the Silverton police station to see if it is not their child. We are also appealing to people with information that might lead to arrests,” she added. - Pretoria News Weekend