Johannesburg - Duduzane Zuma, the son of President Jacob Zuma, could face charges of culpable homicide after his posh German sports car allegedly collided with a minibus taxi last week, resulting in the death of a 14-year-old.

While police on Saturday refused to link Duduzane to the crash, a well-placed source confirmed he was behind the wheel of the Porsche 911 that allegedly hit the taxi in Rivonia, Johannesburg, causing it to roll repeatedly. Three other people were injured.

Zuma, a well-established businessman, went to ground with his family on Saturday, refusing to answer questions. When his twin sister Duduzile answered his cellphone on one occasion, she said: “I cannot talk to you”, then ended the call.


His uncle Michael Zuma, the family spokesman, said he was unaware of the accident, but admitted he had not spoken to Duduzane for some time.

Metro police spokesman Wayne Minnaar confirmed that a Porsche rear-ended a taxi on the M1 south off-ramp at Grayston Drive in Rivonia last weekend.


“The taxi overturned. One person died and two people were injured. The accident report was forwarded to the Bramley Police Station, where a culpable homicide case was opened. Bramley police will appoint an investigating officer,” he said.

Questioned about the time the accident occurred, Minnaar said he could not recall, but that it was dark and raining at the time.


Provincial police spokesman Brigadier Neville Malila confirmed that a culpable homicide case was being investigated.

“We can’t say who the accident was caused by. The investigating officer will take warning statements from both parties, and then the matter will be taken to the DPP for a decision on prosecution.”

Asked directly whether Duduzane was involved, Malila said: “I’m not going to divulge any particulars of any of the drivers.”

However, a police source with access to the national vehicle tracking system confirmed that Duduzane owned six vehicles, one of them a 2007 grey Porsche 911.

The vehicle is understood to have been purchased by Zuma in 2011, and registered in his name.

A paramedic who was at the scene said: “The taxi had rolled and one young person was killed, and about three others were injured.

“It was raining heavily and it was shortly before midnight when we got to the scene.”

The medic could not say whether Zuma was at the scene, only that the driver of the Porsche had not been hurt in the smash.


Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj would not comment on the matter, saying he was the president’s spokesman, and did not speak for Zuma’s family.

“As such, I do not see the need to make any sort of comment on this issue,” Maharaj said.

Sunday Independent