UK businessman Shrien Dewani has been discharged on a count of murdering his wife Anni while on honeymoon in Cape Town. Photo: Mike Hutchings

Cape Town - A meeting with the North London coroner, who will determine if an inquest into the death of Swedish honeymooner Anni Hindocha Dewani will be reopened, has been delayed by another month.

The meeting, which is expected to include the coroner, the Hindocha family, and the family of British businessman Shrien Dewani, who was acquitted last year of Anni’s murder, was supposed to take place this week.

However, it was postponed due to the unavailability of the parties, Anni’s uncle, Ashok Hindocha, said this week.

It was the second time the meeting had been postponed. On a previous occasion it was rescheduled because the Dewani family was not available.

Hindocha was confident, however, that the meeting would go ahead in mid-March, saying that he and his family had briefed a team of lawyers to deal with the issue.

While the wait is frustrating, Hindocha said it took more than four years for Dewani to be tried, and waiting is nothing new to them.

“We haven’t given up yet. We will take this on,” he said.

Coroner’s officer Shabina Day confirmed that the matter was still pending.

If the inquest proceeds, Dewani could be called to testify about his wife’s murder. He did not testify in his trial and was acquitted at the closure of the State’s case.

In terms of the law in the UK, all unexplained or sudden deaths of Britons abroad must be investigated by a coroner.

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