This aerial photo shows a US Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter sling a trailer aboard the Shell floating drill rig in Kodiak Island, Alaska's Kiliuda Bay.

Anchorage - A Royal Dutch Shell drill vessel pulled from rocks off a remote Alaska island reached shelter on Monday morning in a Kodiak Island bay.

The Kulluk reached its anchoring point in Kiliuda Bay about 12 hours after being lifted off rocks on Sunday night. At Kiliuda Bay, it is out of the worst of waves and wind offered by the Gulf of Alaska.

Shell incident commander Sean Churchfield says the vessel came off the grounding relatively easy under tow by the 360-foot (109-meter) anchor handler Aiviq.

Salvors reported swells of 15 feet (4.6 meters), which diminished after the vessels reached protected waters.

The trip covered about 45 nautical miles (83 kilometres) at about 4 mph (6.44 kph).

The Kulluk was attached to a second vessel, a tugboat, after it reached the bay. - Sapa-AP