Ashton International College Ballito: 14 consecutive years of a 100% pass rate

Published Jan 19, 2024


Mrs Belinda Boucher, Head of Senior College said, “We are all exceptionally proud of the Class of 2023 who have worked tirelessly, supported by a talented team of staff to produce excellent results in the IEB matric examinations. Ashton International College Ballito has for the 14th consecutive year secured a 100% pass rate. Moreover, the Class of 2023 produced a 100% Bachelor Degree pass. In addition to the successes as a year group, there have been a number of notable individual successes.”

“Our students have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, and their hard work and perseverance have truly paid off. As we congratulate and celebrate the top achievers, we also acknowledge the students who worked with dedication to attain their personal best and who can be proud of some very fine results. “

“Equally deserving of applause are our dedicated team of teachers who have played an instrumental role in shaping and guiding our students. Their passion for teaching and commitment to fostering a positive and conducive learning environment have undoubtedly contributed to this outstanding success. Education is a collaborative effort, and the synergy between students, teachers, and parents is key to creating an environment where excellence can thrive.”

“We are exceptionally proud of our students and their efforts in producing these outstanding results, but we are equally proud of the thoughtful and well-rounded young adults they have become and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.”

Senthuri Naicker, Diyajal Dass and Ruby Dixon

Herewith below are the statistics as mark analysis for release:

A total of 52 distinctions were attained by the top 10 students -this amounts to 5.2 A’s per students.

As a group - 56% of the students received A & B and 82% of the group attained only A, B & C symbols.

The grade average of the entire group added up to be 70.1%

3 Students received a “full house” of distinctions:

Top 6 Students:

1st position: Diyajal Dass:

Average: 92%9 distinctions

Accounting: 95%

Afrikaans First Additional Language: 86%

English Home Language: 87%

Life Orientation: 94%

Life Sciences: 89%

Mathematics: 97%

Physical Sciences: 96%

Further Studies Mathematics (Extended): 86%

Further Studies Mathematics (Calculus and Algebra): 93%

First in Accounting, Life Orientation, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Further Studies Mathematics (Extended), Further Studies Mathematics (Statistics), Further Studies Mathematics (Calculus and Algebra)

Dyajal received a Commendable Award for achieving in the Top 5% of students in South Africa who achieved 6 distinctions and a level 7 for Life Orientation as well as being in the Top 1% in the country for Life Orientation and Physical Sciences.

Diyajal will be studying Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Town.

2nd position: Ruby Dixon:

Average: 88.9%7 distinctions

Afrikaans First Additional Language: 87%

Dramatic Arts: 93%

EnglishHome Language: 89%

Geography: 84%

History: 82%

Life Orientation: 88%

Mathematical Literacy: 99%

First in Afrikaans First Additional Language, Dramatic Arts, English Home Language, Geography and Mathematical Literacy

Ruby is going to explore her options next year and spend time travelling to the United Kingdom to gain experience in the modelling and acting industry.

Ruby received a Commendable Award for achieving in the Top 1% of South Africa for Mathematical Literacy

3rd position: Senthuri Naicker:

Average: 86.6%7 distinctions

Accounting: 88%

Afrikaans First Additional Language: 82%

Business Studies: 99%

Dramatic Arts: 86%

EnglishHome Language: 87%

Life Orientation: 82%

Mathematics: 82%

First in Business Studies

Senthuri Naicker is going to further her education at the University of Stellenbosch in Accounting in lieu of becoming a Charted Accountant.

Commendable Achievement Award went to Senthuri Naicker who achieved in the Top 1% in the country for Business Studies.

4th position: Aryan Singh:

Average: 83.9%5 distinctions

Accounting: 91%

Engineering Graphics and Design: 86%

English Home Language: 81%

Life Orientation: 86%

Mathematics: 86%

Aryan Sing will be studying BComm business science at UCT

Ashton School is also thrilled to announce the outstanding academic achievements of its students in the 2023 Cambridge International Examinations.

These results, released on January 10, 2024, showcase the exceptional performance of our students.

In the A Level category, we are proud to recognize Kyle Neethling as the top performer. Kyle achieved an impressive average of 90.6% and earned three A* grades (90% and above) in Accounting, Physics, and Mathematics. With a total of 12 distinctions, Kyle has obtained his matric exemption and has been accepted to pursue Actuarial Science at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Kyle Neethling

Securing the second position overall in A Levels is Yadheya Govender, with an average of 89.3%. Yadheya achieved an A* grade in Accounting with a score of 92% and obtained 10 distinctions in total. She will be commencing her studies in Actuarial Science at the University of Pretoria this year.

Yadheya Govender

Third position with an average of 87.1% is Muhammad Khan who achieved an amazing 8 distinctions. His top A Level subjects were Computer Science achieving 87% and Mathematics achieving 80%. Muhammad will be attending UCT and studying Computer Science.

Muhammad Khan

Watch the video below to find out more about Ashton International College Ballito:

Moving on to the AS Level achievers, we congratulate Nabila Sayed for achieving an average of 82% with 5 distinctions, and Mihle Bantubani for achieving an average of 75.3% with 3 distinctions. Achieving third place with an average of 74.8% and 3 distinctions was Yasmeen Moolla. Nabila will be pursuing Business Science at the University of Cape Town, while Mihle will be studying Biochemistry at the University of Pretoria.

Nabila Sayed, Yasmeen Moolla and Mihle Bantubani

It is worth noting that every subject written in 2023 yielded at least one distinction, with an average of 4.6 distinctions per candidate. We would like to acknowledge the exceptional performance of Ellen Paul, April Drew, Caraline Hill, and Tanja Thomas, who each earned an impressive 7 distinctions in their A/AS Level examinations.

Subject averages for A Levels were as follows:

Accounting (89%), Business Studies (77%), Computer Science (79%), English (79%), Geography (90.3%), and Music (82%).

For AS Levels, the subject averages were:

Afrikaans (91%), English Language (81%), French (87%), Geography (80%), History (81%), and Physics (75%).

For more information about Ashton International College Ballito, visit their website.