IOL’s Top Achievers 2021 digimag

Published Feb 2, 2022


There is no doubt that the Matric Class of 2021 did not have it easy.

In 2020, their Grade 11 year, Covid-19 and lockdown brought an abrupt halt to life as we knew it – and unprecedented challenges and changes to school life soon followed. Although most were able to adapt in some measure, in 2021 they had to tackle the most important year in their school career while still dealing with rotational learning, disruptions, and for many, tragedy and loss.

Despite this, the Matric Class of 2021 found a way to excel and shine.

That’s why we’re so thrilled to bring you this digital magazine that showcases schools and learners who managed to step up to the multitude of changes – and achieve results beyond all expectation.

Check out the digimag below:

It’s also a great read for those who are still deciding how and where to further their studies. From leading tertiary institutions ready to take your education to the next level to articles covering a range of post-school hot topics like funding and financing options, the top five things you should consider when planning for tertiary education in 2022, and tips to prepare for the right learning experience if you’re thinking of studying abroad.

Congratulations to the inspiring Matric Class of 2021.