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Online retailer Loot offers an extensive selection of stationary essentials

Online retailer Loot offers an extensive selection of stationary essentials

Published Jan 24, 2022


Heading off to university in 2022 might still feel different to previous years, but with universities keeping mindful of safety and wellbeing as the pandemic continues, offering a mix of in-person and online learning and signposting students to support that's available for them, it's important to know that there is help out there.

Online retailer Loot offers an extensive selection of stationary essentials - providing everything from Cricut maker’s that can accurately cut over 300 hundred types of materials, to glue sticks and lettering stencils.

Finance, tax and accounting textbooks:

Introduction To Business Management (Paperback, 11th Edition) - offers an overview of business management within the South African context. The textbook is written for undergraduate students who are doing a course in introductory business management as part of their degree or diploma at a university or university of technology.

SAICA Student Handbook 2021/2022: Volume 1 (Paperback). Packaged as Volume A1; A2; B; C1 and C2, it includes the conceptual framework.

Descriptive Accounting - IFRS Focus (Paperback, 21st Edition) sets out the basic principles and conceptual issues of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Tax Workbook 2022 (Paperback) has been designed to be used by students and lecturers, to provide the maximum benefit to each user. Each chapter deals with a specific topic and the chapter contents progress from relatively easy questions to more difficult questions dealing with integrated problems.

Human Resource Management In South Africa (Paperback, 7th Edition) provides a complete introduction and guide to Human Resource Management in the challenging and changing business world of modern South Africa.

Cognitive Psychology (Paperback, 2nd edition). Fully updated with the latest research in this fascinating field, the text guides students through all the major sub-disciplines and key concepts to help them develop a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationships between mind, brain and behaviour.

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