Springfield Convent matrics 2021 celebrate 100% Bachelor Degree pass

Published Jan 27, 2022


The Class of 2021

In their final two years of high school, the Class of 2021 was subjected to challenges beyond comprehension. But their resilience and determined spirit shone through and we are proud of each member of the group for having done their very best. It is this spirit that creates excellence and most importantly, determined, and powerful young women.

At Springfield, we celebrate the unique gifts that God has bestowed on our students and their outstanding achievements in the 2021 Matric exams are testimony to this.

To the Class of 2021, take your God-given gifts and identify ways that they might create value for others. Where these intersect is where your success will lie.

You are all well-placed to flourish!

Floreat Springfield!

Matric Results 2021

  • 100% Pass
  • 100% Bachelor’s Degree Pass
  • 309 Distinctions (80%+)
  • 96 A+ symbols (90%+)
  • 6 Pupils (7%) with an average of 90% or more
  • 43 Pupils (48%) with an average of 80% or more
  • 74 Pupils (83%) with an average of 70% or more
  • 16 Pupils (18%) obtained 7 or more distinctions
Cara Ronan was the top achiever.

Anna Janisch and Hyeongyeong Son both achieved 8 distinctions.

About Springfield

Springfield is an excellent school in beautiful surroundings. In 1871 a group of Irish Dominican Sisters, who had come to the Cape and in 1863 founded a school in the city, were looking for a property in the country on which to start a school. After the stifling heat of the city, they found a property with fresh country air and purchased the property in Wynberg called Springfield for £800. From small beginnings, Springfield has grown over the years to the flourishing school that it is today.

As a Dominican school, our motto is Veritas meaning Truth. This not only involves speaking the truth but searching for the truth that is to be found in all disciplines and in its fullness in God.

For further information please visit our websitewww.springfieldconvent.co.za.

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  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Service
  • Responsibility
  • Sisters Standing Strong

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