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Bremen, Germany - Germany's most beautiful cow, Lady Gaga, has had her eighth calf.

The bovine beauty pageant winner bore a baby bull in the middle of September, her owner told dpa on Monday.

"The cow is quite contented," Henrik Wille said.

Although she is already 12 years old, she survived the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth, he said, adding that therefore she will probably compete again for beauty prizes next year.

"As she looks now, she could still manage another show season," Wille, a farmer from the Lower Saxon town of Essen near Cloppenburg, said.

Black-and-white Holstein Lady Gaga has been winning one beauty pageant after another for years, most recently in February.

Wille said he is delighted that Lady Gaga's modelling career is still continuing.

He was, however, disappointed that her latest calf was not a female, which he could sell for 10,000 euros (11,600 dollars). A bull is only worth 200 euros, he said.

However, all is not lost as the offspring of Lady Gaga and breeding bull Ammo, could grow up to become a much-desired breeder of dairy cows himself.