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Sydney -

An Australian man suffered severe and painful burns to his bottom after he placed a firework between his buttocks in a misconceived party trick, a report said on Monday.

Police in the sparsely populated Northern Territory said the man was taken to hospital after the stunt backfired at Darwin's Rapid Creek around midnight on Saturday.

“It appears that a party was in full progress when a young male decided to place a firework between the cheeks of his bottom and light it,” local police spokesman Garry Smith told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“What must have seemed to be a great idea at the time has obviously backfired and resulted in the male receiving quite severe and painful burns to his cheeks, back and private bits.”

It is illegal to let off fireworks in the Darwin area except on Territory Day on July 1 and people face on the spot fines of Aus$282 (US$295) for possessing and discharging them at other times. - Sapa-AFP