President Jacob Zuma. File picture: ANA

Johannesburg - As the reaction to President Jacob Zuma's latest Cabinet reshuffle continues to trickle in, one African National Congress Youth League branch shared their thoughts on it in a hilarious statement that was widely shared on social media. 

The ANCYL Collins Chabane subregion branded the move a 'sign the deal' reshuffling and went to great lengths to drive their point home with flowery phrases.

"It is quite shocking that ministers who have just served for a mere six months are now moved to new positions and the confusing part is that the year is almost over yet no progress under his leadership but Mr President keeps on changing ministers.

"This Cabinet reshuffling is just focused on enriching few Indians through a fly-by-night rehearsed ideology titled Radical Economic Transformation while the rest of the society languish in poverty."

The region said Zuma's latest reshuffle showed that South Africa had a "highly insecure president who finds it wise to be surrounded by those he can manipulate."

"We also feel sorry for those departmental workers who have to keep on removing wall photos of ex-ministers, can you imagine the trauma of knowing that every six months you must be climbing the ladder removing photos of ex-ministers."

"We wouldn't be shocked to wake up and hear that Gauteng has moved to Cape Town and North West will be temporarily based in Soweto."

The region continued its attack on Zuma, "praising" him for "at least" announcing his reshuffle during the day, as opposed to at midnight, as he did with the last reshuffle. 

The president's latest appointments also came under fire, with the region questioning Faith Muthambi and Bathabile Dlamini's continued stay as ministers and the numerous changes to the Communication's portfolio. 

The branch also said that Nzimande's axing was used as a diversion to appoint Mahlobo to the Energy portfolio. 

"As the ANCYL we believe firing Minister Blade Nzimande was just a diversion of attention, a real reason for this reshuffle was to appoint Mahlobo as energy minister to come and finalise the nuclear deal since he himself is not worried about his unknown reputation.

"Maybe its time that Honourable Khensane Khubayi becomes a president of the country and Cde Zuma becomes a minister of communications if she can run so many departments in few months, why not a country."