File photo: The real Psy performs "Gangnam Style".

Cannes - A man impersonating South Korean entertainer Psy - famed for his dance song “Gangnam Style” - ate, drank and partied with the stars in Cannes for two days, The Hollywood Reporter said on Thursday.

Psy “was spotted all over town, attending festival parties and events and posing for photos with festgoers and other celebrities,” the movie trade daily said in its Cannes edition.

“But it turns out that the man was not Psy at all, but rather an imposter using his name and fame to get access to the festival.”

The double was dressed exactly like Psy, with his trademark jackets and round sunglasses. He spent a day at the top-ranked Martinez beach restaurant and partied at night at the A-listers' Carlton hotel.

Those who fell victim to the con was “Skyfall” actress Naomie Harris, who tweeted an image of herself posing with him at a party thrown by luxury jewellers Chopard.

The original Psy appears to have been unfazed by the identity theft. He tweeted: “Seems like there's another ME at cannes...say Hi to him.” - AFP