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Mannheim - Mannheim is seeking a new "night mayor" to promote the south-western German university city's nightlife and party scene.

The idea is modelled on other cities like Amsterdam and London which have similar positions.

The job, on a fee-based contract, is being advertised until June 30 and aims to promote the city's nightlife and deal with the concerns of residents.

"It doesn't matter if it's about noise or litter on the streets, the 'night mayor' should have conversations with residents and pub and club owners to develop common solutions," Matthias Rauch, who is responsible for the city's cultural development, recently said.

"It is therefore also important that the licensees of the bars, pubs and clubs connect with each other," Rauch said in comments published on Sunday.

The right person for the job should know the city's party scene but also have a talent for mediation and conflict resolution.

The core working hours - as suggested by the job title - will often be in the wee hours of the morning.

The city hopes to have the "night mayor" position filled by August 1.