Image: Pixabay

Rostock - A restaurant on the German tourist island of Ruegen in the Baltic Sea has raised eyebrows with an evening ban on children.

"We have been gestating this idea for a very long time now," the manager of Omas Kueche (Grandma's Kitchen) in the town of Binz on the island, Rudolf Markl, said on Friday.

Guests under 14 years of age have been barred from Grandma's Kitchen since this week, he said, basing the decision on bad behaviour and lack of parental control.

It's about children who annoy customers at the neighbouring table, who tug on tablecloths and knock over red wine glasses - plus parents who don't step in, Markl said.

"They [the parents] acknowledge it with a smile, carry on eating, and are no longer interested at all in what is going on," Markl said.

The child ban from 5pm is intended to give guests an "oasis of peace," Markl said.

The president of the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in which Ruegen is located, Lars Schwarz, was not happy about the restaurant's move, but stressed the freedom of any business to make such decisions.

"But [Mecklenburg-Vorpommern] we aim to be child-friendly," Schwarz said.