Barcelona - A girl of ten has become one of the world’s youngest mothers.

The youngster had a child weighing 6lbs 6oz during a natural birth last week

Both mother and baby have been allowed out of hospital, but social services are now studying the case.

Local media in Andalusia, Spain, said the girl is a Romanian immigrant who arrived in the country already pregnant.

The girl’s mother said she was happy about the birth, which she described as “something common in my country“. The baby’s father is also a minor.

A local government official said they only became aware of the case from staff at Jerez hospital three days after the birth, which happened on October 26.

She added: “The important thing is that both mother and baby are cared for perfectly.“

In February this year a nine-year-old Chinese schoolgirl gave birth to a baby boy. In 2008, 177 children were born to girls aged 14 or under in the province of Andalusia.

The age of consent in Spain is 13, and 14-year-olds are allowed to marry with a judge’s permission.