Goodbye Barbie, hello Inferno the 'dead doll'

By Time of article published Nov 20, 2002

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Athens - Greece has banned the sale of "dead dolls", children's toys featuring fiery eyes, scarred faces and bloodied mouths which come in their own little coffins.

The dolls also have their own death certificates.

"There is no way we will allow these dolls on the market," Deputy Development Minister Christos Theodorou said on Wednesday.

Only a handful of the gruesome dolls, produced by American company Mezco Toyz, have been imported. They were on sale for only a few days before authorities swooped to confiscate them.

The 25cm high toys, called "Living Dead Dolls", cost about €50 (almost R500) and include Sybill, wearing a jacket, collar and chain, and Inferno, who has auburn hair, fiery eyes and bat-like wings.

"These toys constitute a serious threat to the smooth formation and development of the child's personality and mental health," the development ministry said in a statement.

The company also produces toy look-alikes of rappers Run-DMC and characters from the film Reservoir Dogs.

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