Fancy trout a la waterboard or guantanamole with a side of Condoleezza Rice balls, followed perhaps by Wire Tapioca or Baba Rumsfeld?

Those are just some of the menu options featured in the off-beat exhibit put together by US artist Lauren Garfinkel depicting the eight tumultuous years of the George W Bush's presidency with food.

The edible art is a play on the adage "you are what you eat," according to the website, where the 12 culinary works are on display.

But Garfinkel is working with an agent to land a cookbook deal, which would feature the works on the website and 12 related others.

And the large parmesan crisp with Condoleezza Rice's face on it, along with the Shoe Fly Pie, in honour of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at Bush, are still in Garfinkel's freezer, she told AFP.

"Parmesan crisps are the easiest thing to make if you make them small, but to get a large one that doesn't crack is a big accomplishment" - not to mention the perfect canvas for a portrait of Rice the uncrackable negotiator, said Garfinkel.

It was Hurricane Katrina and the drama that unfolded after the devastating storm in 2005 that inspired her to put together the food-art exhibit.

The Bush administration was slammed for its slow and inadequate response to the storm, which killed some 1 500 people and laid waste to the city of New Orleans, leaving thousands homeless.

But even as his administration was flayed for its handling of the storm, Bush publicly encouraged then Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) director Michael Brown, saying "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie."

Garfinkel honoured the moment with "Heck of a Job Brownie," a chocolate brownie house nearly submerged in chocolate syrup with a person sitting on the roof. - AFP