Hair by axe, sword and vacuum cleaner

By Time of article published Mar 16, 2006

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Hungary - A Hungarian hairdresser has ditched the traditional scissors and comb in favour of axes, swords and vacuum cleaners.

Stylist Szabolcs Bodnar has been doing a roaring trade since he dropped the traditional utensils in favour of items which he claims "allow him to express himself better".

He cuts hair at his shop in Budapest by placing it on a chopping block and striking it with an axe.

The hair is then styled using a vacuum cleaner, or straightened using an iron.

For the fitter customers there is also the option of hanging upside down as he hacks away with a Samurai sword, often so fast that the entire haircut is finished in seconds.

Bodnar said: "People never fall asleep when I am cutting their hair. Today's hairstyles allow for more creativity and inventiveness, and that is what I offer." -

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