Michael Job and one of the crusade attendees. Picture: Facebook.
Kenya - "Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries" evangelist Michael Job made an appearance dressed as Jesus Christ at the Kiserian Mega Interdenominational Crusade in Kenya over the weekend. 

Taking place over three days, Job was joined by several other reverends and bishops for the "Soul Harvest" campaign and was invited by the local clergy to be a guest speaker.

While it was initially thought that Job was in South Africa, it was the discovery of his Facebook page that showed he was in Kenya for the Christian crusade. 

In a Facebook post, Job shared a poster of the event stating that "We are getting ready for our 1st night of our crusade in Kiserian Kenya. Pray for many lives to be saved, healed, and set free." 

Social media was flooded with clips of Job dressed as Christ singing and dancing amongst the attendees of the crusade. 

The American evangelist has previously taken on the role of Christ in numerous plays and is often seen on his ministry's official website in the same garb. 

Job also shared pictures and videos from the entire weekend on his Facebook page including praise and worship segments, sermons and did some school outreach while he was on the trip.