Khanyi Mbau.

No lawsuits are beckoning just yet for socialite and self-proclaimed queen of bling Khanyi Mbau.

Three days after the release of her much-anticipated tell-all biography, it remains to be seen whether the people who have crossed paths with Mbau will serve her with court papers ready to battle defamation.

Yesterday, author Lesley Mofokeng said he had not received any scathing comments from Mbau’s disgruntled acquaintances featured in the book nor had he been threatened.

“No. I have not received a call from anyone. Just people who are keen on buying the book,” he said.

Mofokeng explained that the book had already been sold out and that people had complained of not finding it at selected books stores.

“You can only hope for such a positive response as an author. We are hopeful for a reprint, a revived or updated version of the biography.”

The award-winning entertainment journalist said friends and family had been honest with feedback and that most genuinely liked the book. He claimed that some could not put it down while others described it as a whirlwind which made them laugh and cry at times.

Titled: Bitch please! I’m Khanyi Mbau, the book reflects the trials and tribulations of the 26-year-old’s abusive customary marriage to Mandla Mthembu in 2005.

It tells of her turbulent and rebellious teenage life, her opulent and lavish dreams which mostly filtered into reality, the famous blue cheese and croissant breakfast, her love for her daughter and everlasting bond with her stepsister, the bridges burnt and friendships made.

But it also has revelations that have raised eyebrows such as her acquaintances with widely respected and renowned producer Duma ka Ndlovu of Muvhango fame and her controversial affair with businessman Thenius Crous.

Describing her romance with Crous, Mbau speaks of their steamy bedroom sessions and how he gave her expensive gifts and a lavish lifestyle.

She also makes reference to Ka Ndlvou being “possessive and developing strong feelings” during her tenure as the new Doobsie on the SABC 2 soapie.

An extract in the book reads: “Duma and I were spending too much time together… he had developed strong feelings for me and got very possessive. He hated that I was getting close to Archie, one of the directors of the show.

“He believed Archie was trying to steal me away from him. Duma got so jealous and territorial when we went out. It was boring. He wanted to know who I was seeing and where I was going…”

Crous recently sought a court interdict to stop the book from being published as it contained details about him, his marriage and his former mistress.


Choreographer, singer and actor Somizi Mhlongo, who was also featured in the book, told the Saturday Star that he only found out yesterday that he was featured in the book.

“I’m definitely going to borrow it and read it. It sounds interesting,” he said.

Mbau says she was physically beaten up by her husband who accused her of cheating on him with Mhlongo.

Mhlongo responded to the allegations by Mthembu saying it was the first time he had heard of the abuse. - Saturday Star