Actor Tom Cruise is left-handed. Picture: Brent N. Clarke/Invision/AP
International Left Hander Day is celebrated annually on August 13 and pays homage to the uniqueness of "lefties" across the globe. The first recorded observance of the day was in 1976 when it was introduced by Dean R. Campbell who also founded Lefthanders International Inc.

To celebrate we look at ten famous left-handed people:

1. Tom Cruise - Arguably the most well-known on the list is actor Thomas Cruise Mapother IV who in his teens fancied a career in the priesthood.

2. Nicole Kidman - Not only is the actress left-handed but at one time she was married to Tom Cruise. Guess two lefts don't make a right!

3. Spike Lee - Yes, the director of Do The Right Thing is left-handed!

4. Prince Charles - The heir to the British throne is one of two right royal lefties. His son William is left-handed too.

5. Eminem - The rapper, like many creatives, is left-handed and there are clues to this in a number of his videos.

6. Justin Bieber - You better "Belieb" that this hitmaker falls firmly in the leftie category too.

7. Barack Obama - The former US president differed from his predecessors in more ways than one.

8. Bill Gates - A study by Frontiers in Psychology found that left-handers may well be smarter than other people, but let's hear it from a leftie:

9. Steve Jobs - The Apple boss and many of the company's early employees were left-handed.

10. Gary Kirsten - The legendary Proteas batsman expertly wielded his bat to open for the SA side in 84 Test matches between 2002 and 2014.