German police cars. German police on Friday had to rescue a naked man who was locked out of the house following a spat with his girlfriend.

Munich - Plenty of men have been locked out of the house after a fight with their girlfriend. Not all of them end up naked on the roof, as one man in Germany did on Friday.

The 27-year-old was rescued by fire crews in the southern German city of Landshut after a passer-by noticed him marooned on the roof without clothing, local police say.

Authorities say the man had been thrown out of his house after a fight with his girlfriend. He ended up on the roof after he tried to re-enter through a rooftop window, but was foiled when the girlfriend locked the window and then left the house, leaving him 15 metres off the ground with no escape route.

Fire crews used a ladder to help him down and then police officers took him to his own house.

It was not clear how long the man was stranded on the roof. Weather conditions were sunny, but windy.