Picture: Screenshot.

Kuala Lumpur - Famous rapper Namewee has been detained for his latest "obscene" Lunar New Year music video, the Malaysian authorities said in a statement released late Thursday night.

In the music video, all the performers were seen wearing dog masks and some mimicked certain sexual positions.

Police said in the statement that the controversial Namewee, who's real name is Wee Meng Cheng, received complaints from ministers plus four other public complaints as the video is deemed sensitive in the Muslim-majority nation.

Muslims make up 60% of the nation's population; dogs are considered taboo to some within the community.

The music video titled "Like a Dog", depicts Wee, a Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity, sitting outside the prime minister's office in the government capital Putrajaya on a chair with background dancers.

Wee will be investigated for the second time, following a similar case two years ago over another controversial music video of his called "Oh my God."

According to the police statement, Wee is said to have "insulted Islam," which might take away the "racial unity and harmony" of the nation.

In a Facebook post earlier on Thursday, Wee posted a picture of himself outside the federal police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur saying: "I am not afraid because I believe Malaysia has justice."

In a Youtube video uploaded five days ago, the 34-year-old defended the controversial music clip saying it is purely for entertainment with no intention to disrespect any religion in particular.

If found guilty, Wee faces a year in prison.