While pizza has been reinterpreted all over the world, the original slice can be traced back to the working class neighbourhoods of Naples, Italy.

Rome -

Police in Italy on Monday were able to track down and free a businessman held hostage for two weeks after his kidnappers ordered a pizza, local media reported.

Andrea Calevo, whose family owns a construction firm in the northwestern province of La Spezia, was taken from his home by three masked men brandishing a gun on December 16.

The 31-year-old was held in chains in the cellar of a nearby town. The kidnappers had demanded a ransom of 8 million euros (10 million dollars), which was never paid, investigators said.

Police monitoring suspect phone calls were eventually able to locate the hideout when the captors ordered pizzas for delivery, the online edition of daily Corriere della Sera reported.

Three men, including a fellow businessman and an Albanian labourer, were arrested in the police raid. - Sapa-dpa