File picture: Pixabay

Berlin - A brawl broke out on a Berlin train at the weekend when a passenger objected to a couple engaging in oral sex in full view of other commuters, forcing police to break up the melee.

Berlin police reported Monday that a 36-year-old woman began performing the sexual act on a 38-year-old man at around 11.30am. 

When an 18-year-old passenger called for them to stop, the woman attacked the teen and her 19-year-old friend. The woman's sexual partner also joined in the attack as well.

The fight then expanded as another bystander jumped into the fight, while yet another person pulled the emergency brake as the train entered the city's Ostbahnhof (East Train Station).

The couple took the opportunity to flee the scene. The woman was quickly apprehended. Her partner later turned himself in.

The two were ordered to take an alcohol test. Prosecutors are seeking charges of disorderly conduct, assault and slander.

The two people attacked suffered scratches and bruises.