Radio Tango calls the tune in the nude

Time of article published May 4, 2001

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Oslo - Norway's Radio Tango has become the world's first radio channel to broadcast daily nude weather forecasts during its morning show.

"This is a world exclusive, it has never been done before," Radio Tango's morning host Michael Reines Oredam told reporters.

Oredam said the idea for the frisky "more weather, less clothes" reports emerged during discussions about what would be nearly impossible to achieve on radio.

"And it brings a certain atmosphere to the studio which we hope our listeners are able to pick up on," Oredam said.

The Oslo-based radio has a Web site at www.radiotango.nowhich provides a glimpse of a nude presenter.

"Today we've had lots of hits on our web page from people who want to see yesterday's weather," he said.

The first nude radio weather presenter, Siv Johannessen, had her first day on the air on Thursday, but needed more training before she would talk about, as well as strip to, the weather, said Maiken Mangen, editor of pornographic magazine Lek, which hires out models to appear on the weather show.

"It became a little hectic for Siv yesterday when she was supposed to talk about the weather and strip at the same time," Mangen said, adding that she expected Johannessen to get the hang of it in a couple of days.

Radio Tango will have a new nude weather presenter every month. - Reuters

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