Wayne Rooney. Picture: AP

He could be tempted to scratch his head over why he spent the money – but that might not be the best of plans.

Exactly a year after Wayne Rooney paid £30 000 for a hair transplant, his new thatch is showing signs of thinning.

Pictured training with his England team mates, the striker appeared to be revealing more scalp than in the months immediately after the operation, when he boasted a relatively thick crop.

Some football fans have speculated on Twitter that the Manchester United player has allowed his hair to grow longer recently to hide bald patches, while another suggested he should ask for a refund.

Rooney had the ‘follicular transfer’ treatment – in which hair follicles are extracted from lush patches and reinserted where hair is thinning – at a London clinic. He said at the time he was delighted with the result.

Meanwhile, ex-footballer Micky Gray is today to undergo what is thought to be the first UK hair transplant streamed live on the internet. Gray, now a pundit on Talksport, will begin the treatment at 10am with Harley Street specialist Dr Bessam Farjo. - Daily Mail