Schoolboy rakes in millions after lottery win

Published Sep 26, 2005


Naples - A schoolboy has become a millionaire after winning the lottery jackpot in Italy.

The boy's £27,6-million win came after he went to a local shop during his lunch break to buy a ticket with his pocket money.

News sources say he hit the jackpot on the Italian national Superenalotto after buying his ticket in Frattamaggiore, near Naples.

Under Italian law children are forbidden to gamble - but they are allowed to take part in the national lottery.

Raffaele Umbriano, spokesperson for the lottery competition, confirmed the prize had been won by a schoolboy.

He said: "It seems that a child has won the lottery."

He added: "I am still waiting to meet the little winner."

Local woman Antonia di Alberto said: "Someone has to win and if it's a child, then good luck to the little lad.

He's a very lucky boy and he and his family won't have to worry about money ever again. I suppose he'll be quite popular with his mates at school now as well.

"I hope he does decide to let people know who he is so we can have a huge party for him in the town."

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