A Dutch war memorial that goes up and down, and spurts flames may be scrapped after complaints it looks like a giant penis.

The Liberation Monument is a giant copper obelisk that rises and falls depending on the level of sunlight, and spurts flames out of the top during important festivals.

It is due to go on show in the village of Wageningen where the German capitulation was signed at the end of the Second World War 60 years ago.

In full sunlight, the erection reaches a height of ten metres, shrinking back to just six metres when the light dims.

It was due to be exposed to the public at an official ceremony in May but now village councillors say it should either be scrapped or radically redesigned.

A spokesperson said: "Any association with a phallus is undesirable, whether justified or unjustified, and is to be avoided at all costs." - Ananova.com