Zagreb - A Croatian professor spent three days trapped under a pile of books in his apartment in Zagreb before being saved by a neighbour who heard his cries for help, a local daily reported on Tuesday.

The unfortunate 60-year-old mathematics professor, identified only by his initials DK, spent the Easter weekend lying helplessly on the floor, trapped between a bed and a book-case under a pile of books that fell on him, the Jutarnji List daily reported.

The neighbour who called the police and paramedics told the daily that the professor's apartment was very untidy, "filled up with books, tapes, furniture and food".

"It looked like a real rubbish dump," he said, adding it was hard to imagine how the rather corpulent professor, weighing about 120kg, could freely move around in it.

He was treated for exhaustion and dehydration in his apartment by the paramedics and recovered enough to refuse hospital treatment. - Sapa-AFP