File photo - A man walks out of a Sears store.

Shoppers at a Sears department store in the US state of Pennsylvania were evacuated after an unwanted guest - a young female bear - wandered in at the weekend, local media said.

The animal became trapped on Saturday night after entering the Sears store in the Pittsburgh Mills mall, located north-east of the city of Pittsburgh, through the automatic doors, the reports said.

Shopper Matt Marcinik told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he had seen the bear running across the mall's parking lot before it went into the store.

“It was running up and down the aisles,” Marcinik told the newspaper. “It darted past several people. They didn't even know it was a bear.”

Wildlife officials shot the roughly 57-kilogram bear - which was wearing a tracking device - with a tranquilizer and captured it.

No injuries were reported. - AFP