Cape Town - They're big, tough and can run rings around their opposition on the field, but when the DHL Stormers wings faced off against the backs for a bad jokes challenge the results were downright ridiculous.

The challenge is a variation of the #DadJokes phenomenon which  began as a few internet comedians trying to get each other to laugh by telling each other lame jokes often associated with older fathers, ie: #DadJokes and quickly turned into a YouTube "thing". 

Soon, celebrities and famous stand-up comedians were getting in on the act, challenging each other to keep a straight face while hitting each other with joke after lame #DadJoke. 

This video has been doing the rounds on social media, and while we don't know where it originated from we're sure they would not mind sharing a laugh with our audiences.
The premise is simple: you laugh, you lose. Teams of joke-tellers back each other up, with only two competitors facing each other across a table at any given time.

If you can elicit a laugh, or even just a snigger, from your opponent, you get a point. If you feel the laughter welling up dangerously close, you can tap out, tagging in another teammate to take your place in the hotseat.