WATCH: Lesson learnt! Do not disturb a cat during a spa day

By IOL Reporter Time of article published Mar 8, 2021

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Cape Town - Cats are known for being a bit prickly when they don’t get their way, but one pampered pet’s reaction to being disturbed during what looked to be an extremely relaxing spa day takes the cake.

In the must-see TikTok, Fifi Furrha, who along with her husband Kareem Khalil runs the Instagram and TikTok account @DontStopMeowing, walks in on Kareem and their cat, Chase, relaxing, complete with towels, soft music, candles as well as cucumber slices on their eyes.

When Furrha removes Chase’s cucumber slices and towel, the cat shows exactly how he feels about the disruption.

“What caught me by surprise [was] to find how much Chase was enjoying it,” Furrha told BuzzFeed News.

“He really, really liked sitting on the bed with the cucumbers on his eyes, and it put him to sleep. I was like, What? This is crazy,” she added.

“Chase is filled with personality. I sometimes believe the cat has been reincarnated. Like, he's lived a past life,” Furrha said.

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