Runners taking part in the Spookhill race were pranked into starting the race earlier in order to teach them a lesson. Picture: Screenshot
Runners taking part in the annual Spookhill Challenge Road race were recently taught a hilarious lesson after years of failing to clean up after themselves.

In a video posted on YouTube, a user played a prank on the runners and the Helderberg Harriers Athletics Club by "fake starting" the race way ahead of the starting time, seemingly to get it to end earlier and get runners to clean up the mess left behind after the race. 

The user first explains the reason for pulling the prank on runners, saying: "Elated as I am with the great work you guys do and the wonderful donations I understand you make... I must confess I am neither thrilled, inspired or elated by the propensity to litter that some of your runners exhibit and your organisations subsequent inability to dispose thereof after the race."

As a result, the resident cheekily said he decided to draw the club's attention to the matter by fake starting the race, leaving organisers bemused over the mishap.

Watch the video below: