A estate agent from Germany who wanted to have the biggest breasts in Europe has been fired.

Annina Ulrich, 29, says her boss told her that her breast implants were not an asset and were damaging the company's image.

Annina, who also works as a model, has admitted she is "addicted" to breast surgery which has increased her breasts to a massive 42 H cup.

"Since childhood I dreamt of big breasts. I have become addicted to breast surgery," she said.

"My breasts are bigger than those of Katie Price. I'm happy every morning when I look at my super-breasts in the mirror. My clients too think it's great. I can't understand why my boss doesn't think I am an asset to the company."

But she has now been told by her boss at a real estate agency to clear her desk after she jetted off to Italy to have a series of pictures taken of her so she could apply to model for erotic magazines.

"When I returned, I was sacked. My boss thought the pictures were great, but publishing them would not go with the company's image," She said.

She said she plans to start up her own real estate business and is reportedly relying on using her biggest assets to draw in customers - putting pictures of her breasts on her business cards. - Ananova.com