File photo: His son Jan Labuschagne, who had been travelling with his father in the early evening of May 30.

Johannesburg - Lucas Labuschagne was 73 years old. He died tragically after his car was rammed off the road and was assaulted so severely, he died from his injuries.

Labaschagne’s family are still coming to terms with the senseless road rage incident in Benoni which claimed the life of their patriarch.

His son Jan Labuschagne, who had been travelling with his father in the early evening of May 30, wants justice.

He wants his father’s cold-blooded killers to face the law.

“I just hope that the justice system will work,” he said.

Jan, 47, and his father were returning from work in Brakpan driving along the intersection of Dewald Hattingh and Heidelberg Roads when the incident happened.

Oom Lucas, as he was affectionately known, was driving. Two of their employees sat in the back of the bakkie.

“When we approached the intersection I heard a loud noise and thought it was a bike. But as I looked behind me a Mercedes Benz pulling a trailer approached us and (tried to force) us off the road,” he said.

Labuschagne said his father then overtook a scrap metal truck in front of him to make way for the Merc. But the driver of the Mercedes would not budge and tailed their car.

They drove a bit faster and noticed a road block on the other side of the road. He said three suspects then sped off.

“We were relieved. But as we drove a bit further and out of sight from the police they were waiting for us. They blocked us off.”

Jan said without saying a word, the men got out of their car and assaulted them.

He and his father got out of the car and tried to defend themselves.

But one of the men kicked his father in the stomach. He fell and coughed up blood.

Jan said his father had had gastric bypass surgery a few years ago followed by a deep vein thrombosis operation. “The kick was fatal.”

The men then got back into their car and sped off.

Jan was able to give police a registration number plate which fell off the trailer.

Police used this to track down the suspects who have already appeared on charges of murder at the Benoni Magistrate’s Court.

Trevor Usinyu, 28, Joseph Simango, 27 and Malvin Ndlovu, 24, will appear in court again on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Jan advised motorists to never leave their cars during a road rage incident. - Saturday Star