BACK TO PAST: SA author Michael Tellinger has been dubbed a real-life Indiana Jones as he explores ancient civilisations. Here he is investigating rocks found in a ruin in Waterval Boven.

There are extraterrestrials living among us and some have been here a lot longer than we have. They are watching us. And the fact that the technology explosion dates from the Roswell incident is no coincidence.

These are among the hot topics that will be discussed at the first UFO Conference in Johannesburg next month.

And Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of former US president Dwight D Eisenhower, will be speaking on Roswell and the exchange of information between extraterrestrials and US officials which, it has been claimed, kick-started the information technology explosion.

Local author Michael Tellinger, who is hosting the conference, said there would also be 13 leading figures in ufology, genetics, microbiology, alchemy, ancient wisdom and numeric science.

Tellinger is well known for his controversial book, Slave Species of God, which explores the earliest origins of mankind and vanished civilisations in southern Africa.

In an interview, Tellinger, a former Wits pharmaceutics student, said he had “a passion for the cosmos and human history”.

He was influenced by the writing of Zecharia Sitchin, who translated the Sumerian Tablets, believed to be the oldest form of writing.

“The Sumerians recorded everything about their lives by writing it down, from music to crops and detailed records on their temples,” said Tellinger. This showed the Sumerians and Egyptians inherited their knowledge from an earlier civilisation that lived at the southern tip of Africa more than 200 000 years ago.

According to Tellinger, this vanished civilisation carved the first Horus bird, built the first sphinx and the pyramids, as well as created an accurate stone calendar. They used the power of sound and frequency as a source of energy and knew about the laws of nature.

Tellinger has also studied rocks found in ruins, particularly stone carvings of birds, which appear to be a common link in ancient civilisations, including Mayan, African and Egyptian. The dolerite has strong acoustic properties.

“There are certain stones that really ring well, that I call starter stones that were used the same way Egyptians used the Ankh as a tuning fork – for resonance of a specific frequency. The starter stones were used to generate sound frequencies that created a standing wave in a circle and created the cymatic shapes in either sand or ash that indicate the physical shape of the energy as it surfaces on Earth, creating an energy plug-point into mother Earth,” he said.

Many of the bird-shaped stone carvings have strong acoustic properties, for which there is no explanation in conventional archaeology, he said.

“It’s interesting that ancient African history and shamanic knowledge is directly linked to the Sumerian tablets.”

According to the translated tablets, this vanished civilisation started with the arrival of people from another planet in search of gold. Man’s obsession with mining gold is discussed at length in Slave Species of God, and will be addressed at the conference by David Hudson, a quantum physicist who works on the transmutation of elements.

“It has been discovered that gold in its mono-atomic state has interesting properties – it defies the laws of gravity, it’s a super conductor, has a healing effect on the body and, when it’s heated to 700 degrees it vanishes,” said Tellinger.

Tellinger wrote two further books, Adam’s Calendar, and continued it in Temples of the African Gods.

He admits that academics “would burn me at the stake if possible”, but defends his work: “I have a scientific approach to all my research and have worked with some remarkable scientists.”

So, are there extraterrestrials?

“Of course, there is huge UFO activity across the world. There are ETs from other planets living among us and some have been here for a lot longer than we have. They are also watching us. We need to rethink our origins.” - Weekend Argus

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