City of Cape Town transport official and former journalist Steven Otter died of stab wounds after confronting intruders in his Harfield Village home. Picture: Brenton Geach/Independent Media
Cape Town - The ex-wife of slain transport official and former journalist Steven Otter said on Saturday that her phone stopped working due to all the messages of support she received.

Otter died on Friday morning from stab wounds after trying to fend off intruders at his Harfield Village home.

Janine Lange, who was married to him for eight years, said she had known Otter since 2000. They have a six-year-old child, Maya.

Lange describes Otter as a man who was larger than life. “He was a very charismatic person. He was also a bit of a joker and quite charming.”

She said his death has been tough for his family and friends. “It is very difficult for us to come to terms with it. We are all shocked.”

Lange said that Otter's death has brought to light just how many people knew and cared about him.

“He will be missed by so many people,” she added, some of whom include members of the EFF.

Nazier Paulsen, EFF MP, said Otter was active in the party.

Paulsen explained that Otter was a member of the regional command team in the Cape Town region and was also part of the first communication team in 2014.

“He assisted us in the very beginning and was the first white person who joined the EFF,” he said.

Paulsen said Otter was an “unusual" person and fondly remembers his “shoes with the toes”.

“His shoes were unusual,” said Paulsen.

His death, he said, has been devastating for all EFF members.

“Members admired his bravery. He died a revolutionary. He died protecting the people he loved. He had that same love for the people. He was a soldier. Takes a brave person to become part of the revolution,” Paulsen added.

Lange said she knows of no plans at this stage for a memorial or funeral.

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