04/09/2014. Adv Dirk Groenewald head of the Solidarity Centre for Fair Labour Practices talks about the cases that Solidarity is busy with. He is flanked by Solidarity CEO Dirk Herman and Renate Bernard. Picture: Masi Losi

Johannesburg - Afrikaans right-wing party, the Freedom Front Plus (FF+), has approached the UN Human Rights Commission in a bid to force the ANC to deal with farm murders.

FF+ chairman Dr Pieter Groenewald said on Thursday that compared to international norms, farm murders in South Africa “can justifiably be viewed as genocide”. He wrote: “The United Nations Human Rights Commission should now force the ANC government to take urgent steps to put a stop to it.”

This is one of the urgent requests the FF+delegation will submit in two motions to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation in Brussels, Belgium.

“This latest actions of the FF Plus follow on the visit of its leader, Dr Pieter Mulder, to the UN in Geneva at the end of 2014, where the international community had been informed about farm murders, Afrikaans, affirmative action and other abuses against minorities,” said Groenewald.

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