Cape Town 31-03-04 Protestors burnt tyres in Elsies river protesting against a mans house who was taken down . They threw rocks at police who retaliated by shooting rubber bulletts , tear gas , stun grenades and a water canon was used to disperse the crowd Pic BRENTON geach

Port Elizabeth – Eastern Cape police arrested five men on charges of public violence and looting during the protests in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, police said on Thursday.

Residents in Walmer have been protesting over service delivery, and violence erupted in the area as roads were blocked and protestors stoned vehicles belonging to the police and other road users on Thursday.

Police spokesperson Captain Sandra Janse van Rensburg said five suspects had been arrested while four people were reportedly injured during the clashes. One of the injured was a police constable who during a fracas injured himself with a shotgun.

“Two suspects were arrested for public violence and three for looting, theft and malicious damage to property,” said Janse van Rensburg.

The police officer had been taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Janse van Vuuren said: “The police have managed to disperse the protesters and the situation has quieted down. The SAPS will continue monitoring the situation and be on the alert for any further violent protests.”

Protestors and leaders who were engaged with talks by the SAPS were warned not to endanger the lives of people and to cease their violent actions of throwing stones at police vehicles and other road users.