Asian Gold Toad Jack with Brett Glasby and Michelle van Greunen upon arrival. Picture: MANGO

Cape Town - Jack the stowaway toad is settling into his new home at the Monte Casino Bird Gardens in Joburg.

The Asian Gold Toad, which made news headlines around the world after climbing into a porcelain candlestick in China and making his way to Cape Town, arrived safely in Joburg on Friday afternoon aboard a Mango flight.

The toad was accompanied by his caretaker, Brett Glasby, the manager of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s wildlife unit.


Glasby added that he was happy that Jack had found a sanctuary.

“I’m super excited we had that journey and I’m so glad that he found a sanctuary to live his life.”

The amphibian was met by conservationists at the airport and taken to the Monte Casino Bird Gardens in Fourways.

Jack was discovered in a retail shop by a customer examining the candle holder that he was trapped in.


Hein Kaiser, Mango communication manager, said it was an extraordinary tale: “One can estimate that Jack has travelled approximately 12 000km from China… quite a feat.”


He will go into quarantine before being released into a climate-controlled enclosure next to other toads. - Cape Argus