South Africa's best-know satire site,, is closing its doors, this time for good. 

The site, which parodied everyone from Julius Malema to Lady Gaga, will post its last article online on Friday 14 December. 

Closing with a flourish, the team behind the popular satire site announced the news on its website earlier today: "Yes, dear readers, we're terribly sad and sorry to tell you that Friday is the end of the line for South Africa's second best source of made-up news after the SABC."

The Hayibo team said that this time the decision to close was final. "When we closed down back in August 2010, we were hoping for a miracle. But this time we won't be restarting, even if a sugar-daddy appears."

The site owners cited a lack of regular advertising support as well as a shortage of writers as being the primary reasons for deciding to close the doors. "Given more time and money we might have tried to develop a writing team and run Hayibo as a full-time operation, but alas our pockets and our talent pool have now run dry. The three writers who've kept breaking the news since August are now pretty much broken themselves."

While the website will be closing down the site owners said that they would still be producing a once-off print project in January.