Two children aged 2 and 3 were found dead in a toilet in Diepsloot extension 1 this morning, a massive man hunt is underway. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 15/10/13

Johannesburg - Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa urged the country on Wednesday to work with the police to combat crime against children.

“Members of society not only in Diepsloot, but across the country, must work together with the police in combating abuse, neglect and exploitation of our children,” Mthethwa said in a statement.

He sent his condolences to the families of two-year-old Yolisa Mali and three-year-old Zandile Mali, who were found murdered in Diepsloot, northern Johannesburg, on Tuesday morning.

“I am saddened about the horrific discovery of the two children's bodies in Diepsloot. I extend my heartfelt condolences to the affected families,” Mthethwa said.

“What we are faced with in many of our communities are forms of crimes which can only be addressed if we strengthen our collective efforts...”