Grant Fredericks was shot in the back by hijackers.

Cape Town - A father was shot in the back by hijackers, who killed him after he willingly handed over his car keys.

The hijackers fled with Grant Fredericks' VW Polo after Tuesday night's attack at a tuck shop, and used it in an attempted robbery at a jewellery store at a Claremont shopping mall on Tuesday.

But the five suspects were arrested after one of them was cornered by security staff at the mall just after 10am.

An illegal firearm was seized and police traced the red Polo to Grant, 39.

The suspects, aged between 23 and 32, are expected to appear in court soon on charges of murder, attempted armed robbery and the possession of a firearm.

The father of two left his home in San Remo, Strandfontein, on Tuesday just before 9pm.

Grant got out of his car and walked to Al-Amin Superette, in Milano Street, which is just down the road from his home.

He bought a cooldrink and as he walked out, he was confronted by the armed men.

Grant showed the men his car keys, ready to hand over his vehicle.

But the gunmen took his keys, and as he turned around, they shot him in the back, before driving off in his car.

Grant's body lay outside the shop, dressed in a shorts and slippers.

Shocked relatives and neighbours rushed to the scene and immediately identified him as the husband of a well-known hairdresser in Strandfontein, Allison’s hair and beauty Salon.

On Tuesday, Allison had the difficult task of identifying his body at the morgue and was too distraught to speak to the Daily Voice.

Meanwhile, police say the robbers' crime spree came to an end after they struck at a jewellery store.

The men held the staff at gunpoint and began smashing glass displays.

But when the alarm was triggered, the suspects panicked and ran into the mall.

One suspect was nabbed by security guards and the other four were captured by police.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Traut, says swift police work managed to get the robbers and alleged killers behind bars.

“Five armed suspects attempted to perpetrate a robbery at a jewellery store in a shopping mall in Claremont on Wednesday morning, their luck ran out and they were arrested,” he says.

“The suspects entered the store at 10am and held staff at gunpoint and smashed display cabinets, when the alarm was triggered.

“In a panic, they fled empty-handed and ran into the mall where security managed to apprehend one of the suspects.

“Police responded swiftly to the complaint, which resulted in the arrest of the other four suspects and the seizure of an illegal firearm.

“They were also found in possession of a stolen VW Polo which was traced to an incident [on Tuesday] night in Strandfontein where a 39-year-old man was shot and killed during the robbery of his vehicle.

“The suspects aged between 23 and 32 are due to appear in court soon.”

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