Hitman gets 20 years for killing his boss’s mentally challenged husband

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj Time of article published Aug 3, 2021

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Durban: A driver who agreed to kill his boss’s husband because she “had had enough of him” has been jailed for 20 years.

Prince Vusumuzi Msane, 34, was sentenced as part of a Section 105A sentence and plea agreement in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

In his guilty plea, Msane, a father of four, told the court, that his employer had promised to pay R50 000 for the death of her husband.

Msane said he was tempted by the amount in question and agreed that he would assist in getting rid of her husband.

He said that while working there, he learnt that his employer’s husband had suffered a head injury following an accident which had left him mentally challenged.

He told the court the couple would often have heated arguments. His boss told him the relationship was no longer sound.

She had tried to try to kill the deceased herself, by giving him poisoned food but he had thrown the food away on two occasions.

On the day on the murder, May 31, Msane said he had been in the company of two of his friends when he received multiple calls from his boss.

When he arrived at her home, the couple where standing outside their house. The husband had been carrying the child.

He said his boss told her husband that they were all going to spend a night at a lodge, and when he didn’t agree, she pleaded with him.

He said the deceased jumped into front passenger seat while his boss remained behind.

Msane said they drove to a dumping site 3km from the home.

He said they were given strict instructions to hit the deceased on his head, since he had sustained a head injury during the accident.

All three men pulled Mfeka out of the vehicle and hit him on the head with a stick, until he collapsed. They left, unsure if he was dead.

Msane said they drove back to his boss’s house and she gave them R300 to buy alcohol.

He said that two days after the incident, he accompanied his boss to the police station to report her husband missing.

He said the body was subsequently found and while conducting funeral arrangements, they received a call from the investigating officer who said he knew what had happened.

Msane said he admitted his part in wrongdoing and everyone was arrested.

The State will rely on the evidence of the accused to prove its case against the other accused.


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