Convicted road-rage killer Graeme Eadie is transported to Pollsmoor Prison with about 30 other prisoners. pic LEON MULLER

Cape Town - Convicted hockey stick killer Graeme Eadie has appeared in court again - this time for allegedly keying a parked car.

Eadie was paroled in 2006 after being convicted of bludgeoning Kevin Duncan to death with a hockey stick.

In 2014, he was convicted for a second road-rage incident after he assaulted then 67-year-old Ray Scott.

In a plea and sentence agreement, he had to pay three fines, perform 130 hours of community service, attend an anger management course and compensate 67-year-old Ray Scott, whom he attacked.

To ensure that he kept his temper under control, Eadie was also given a three-year suspended sentence.

Last weekend, charges were laid against Eadie after he allegedly keyed a car in the parking area of the Kwikspar in Churchill Road, Plumstead.

Diep River police station Warrant Officer Keith Chandler confirmed that Eadie voluntarily handed himself over after charges were made.

“The incident happened in the parking area of the Churchill Road shopping centre and a vehicle was damaged.

“What set things off was a driver parked in a handicap parking bay and in such a way another vehicle could not use the next bay.”

Eadie is believed to have taken exception to this, said Chandler, and damaged the vehicle with a metal object believed to be his car keys.

“He voluntarily handed himself over to police and appeared in the Wynberg Magistate’s Court on Monday.

“(He is) facing charges of malicious damage to property and was released on bail.”

In 2000, Eadie was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for the murder of Duncan and was paroled in 2006.

In 2014, he assaulted Scott. An enraged Eadie cut in front of Scott and punched him through the driver's side window with such an impact that Scott’s teeth were knocked out.

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