How my diabetic husband and I defeated Covid-19

How me and my husband beat Covid-19. (AP Photo/Brian Inganga)

How me and my husband beat Covid-19. (AP Photo/Brian Inganga)

Published Jul 13, 2020


DURBAN - A woman from Chatsworth took to social media to share how she and her diabetic husband overcame the Coronavirus.

Posting on the local Facebook group, Made in Chatsworth Kogie Gounder detailed how at first they were shocked and confused when the doctor told them that her husband had tested positive for Covid-19.

“My husband was going to have an eye procedure done, the new norm is you get tested before any operation. On the 17th of June, he went for a Covid test - absolutely no symptoms, the following day in bed he coughed a few times. My initial thought was Covid but I brushed it off. As we were preparing to go for the eye operation on the 19th June. I told him I think you are getting the flu, how are you going to do this operation? His words were, “I won't say anything to the Doctor let's see what happens”. The same morning we received a call from the eye specialist, who told us the news,” she said.

The family went into immediate isolation at their home in Chatsworth; moving into separate rooms.

“No one can come to our property. This went on for a week. We stayed at home and took lots of home remedies as well as the medication from the pharmacy. Our doors were closed most times, being in isolation is not fun, cut out from our regular friends and family is not fun. I cried a lot at that time. This was a very scary time for us. My partner had a triple bypass, a few years ago and he is a diabetic. We continued to take our medication.”

Gounder credits eating healthy, drinking enough fluids and a positive mindset with helping both of them to recover from the disease.

“We both had this draining dry cough. As the days went, symptoms showed a little more, we lost taste and smell, no appetite, dry annoying cough. It was so bad I couldn't talk for long. Prayer is of utmost importance. I prayed I told God if you want me to be your servant, please give me the strength to go on. We are blessed. Thank God for his healing hands upon us,” concluded Gounder.

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