Cape Town 03-07-2014: This is a family member in the pienk jacket .Busi who works at Home Affairs was allegedly shot 15 times by her boyfriend at her home in Delft and end up dying meters away from her house pix Patrick Louw story Genevieve

Cape Town - A railway police officer is behind bars after he allegedly shot his girlfriend 15 times.

The couple had just returned from court for a domestic violence case on Thursday.

After the shooting, the Bellville-based Constable got into his white Toyota Avanza and drove to the Delft Police Station where he handed himself over.

Police sources claim the man told cops that his girlfriend had infected him with HIV and he had caught her cheating.

But friends and neighbours tell a different story of the Delft couple from Magalies Street, N2 Gateway.

The drama unfolded just after 11am on Thursday, while children played in the street.

Neighbour Arthur Khanyile described in horror how he witnessed the fatal shooting and how he tried to save the woman who has only been identified as Busi.

The woman, who worked for Home Affairs, was mother to three children and the cop was dad to one of them.

Arthur said that Busi had returned home after apparently visiting court for an interdict against the officer.

Her children, the youngest five years old, were in the house during the shooting.

When she pulled up in her Toyota Yaris, the officer parked his car behind her and got out.

But before Busi could even get out, the cop allegedly shot her 15 times.

“The lady pulled up in her car and I saw his white Avanza coming down the road,” Arthur said.

“He parked at the back of her.

“I walked to my door and then I heard the gunshots.”

Arthur says he raced over to the woman as the cop sped away.

“I tried to help her but her pulse was very slow.

“Myself and two women pushed her to the passenger seat and I tried to start the car to take her to hospital but it didn’t want to start.”

Then Arthur and others carried the dying woman to another neighbour hoping to take her to hospital.

“That neighbour didn’t want to take her and when we placed her on the ground, I could see she was busy dying,” he said.

“She was breathing heavily and then her last words were my name.”

Arthur and his friend Cynthia Martins claim the couple were in an abusive relationship and last month the cop smashed a window at her home.

A source at Delft Police Station said: “He came into the station and said he killed his girlfriend and he said why he did it.”

“He claimed she had infected him with Aids and that he had caught her with another man.”

Police spokesperson Colonel Tembinkosi Kinana confirmed the incident.

And Grace Langa of IPID (Independent Police Investigative Directorate), who are now investigating the case, said the couple had a history of domestic violence.

“It is alleged the couple were coming from court for domestic violence, there was a history,” she said.

“Whilst at the house, the suspect shot the lady 15 times.

“Inside the house were two children aged five and nine – we are trying to establish if it was their children.”

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