File photo: The UFO Research of South Africa (UfoRSA) says it received 12 different reports of a light in the sky last week.

Cape Town - It seems aliens have been trying to make contact with the people of Cape Town.

The UFO Research of South Africa (UfoRSA) says it received 12 different reports of a light in the sky last week.

“These were different reports from different people. Many were from Cape Town but we also got responses from people in the Northern Cape and Namibia,” says UfoRSA website creator Gert Jordaan.

One alien spotter known only as Michael posted: “Appearing from behind Lions Head, travelling into the wind, two vapour shapes that resembled trumpets, one behind the other, moved towards Table Mountain. Into a strong head wind the vapour cloud kept its shape, and a bright light appeared briefly moving behind the cloud.”

Many also posted pics on the UfoRSA website.

The group says: “The goal [of the website] is either to prove or disprove UFOs, with the help of volunteer UFO enthusiasts over South Africa.”

Greg van Zyl from Sea Point says he was standing outside a restaurant when he saw the bright light.

He was with 20 other people who he says also saw the object.

“I saw this cloud in the sky moving and there was this bright light shining through it,” he tells the Daily Voice.

“I took a photo as the light started shining, but it only lasted two or three seconds.”

Jordaan says although there are frequent sightings, there are explanations for what happened on Tuesday evening.

“North Korea did launch a rocket and it went from North Korea to the South Atlantic. Secondly, a secret military rocket shuttle was launched in Florida in the USA. Another explanation is that there was quite a large asteroid that passed earth by some 70 million miles,” he says.

The previous recorded UFO sighting in Cape Town was December 1.

Bergvliet resident JP posted on the UfoRSA site: “While watching TV, I saw a bright-looking object in the sky above the horizon and to the north of the University (UCT). This object was about 15 kilometres away in a clear sky. I called my wife and we both observed a bright flying object flying up and down and left to right with high speeds.” - Daily Voice